This is a character I’ve been thinking about off-and-on for a while now:  Fantasy Duck.  He’s the one who freaks shiz up.

so I had this great epiphany of a character called Two-Eyed Jack, on account a’ he has two eyes (get it??  cause everyone has two eyes….yeah, I guess it’s pretty lame).  So I did a few basic sketches of what he might look like, and thought I might as well post ’em.  I’m probably gonna color the one that’s actually a full body sketch.

Drawing a Day #41

April 11, 2010


Drawing a Day #40

April 10, 2010

Par the suggestion of my friend and Jedi Master, I have decided to start experimenting around with different tools to vary the line quality of my drawings.  And what better way to start than by continuing to explore my two favorite new characters??  Here’s a quick drawing of Harker I did in photoshop.

I’ve  been playing with the idea lately of a couple characters:  a lion and ox, named Sherlock and Harker.  I’ve gathered my favorites of the character exploration sketches I’ve done for them, and grouped them in pairs that I think work well together.  More updates to come on these guys as I figure them out!

recent monster doodles

March 29, 2010

Drawing A Day #13

March 13, 2010

Theme:  Sister Death


45 minutes

character doodle

March 9, 2010