Easter Sunday coloring pages

April 21, 2011

This is a project I did for the kids’ program at my church, for Easter.  Hopefully, it’s a little less dorky than stuff like this usually is. 🙂

The Last Supper

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Arrest

The Crucifixion

The Resurrection

The Ascension


5 Responses to “Easter Sunday coloring pages”

  1. I LOVE these! Your art is so expressive, and your linework has been getting really awesome. I wanted to print them out and colour them!

  2. colephillips Says:

    thanks! my favorite is the empty tomb one, cause the guys are like “WHAT DA F—??” 🙂 I can send you the full res images if you like.

  3. Doug Bell Says:

    I love these so very much. Why didn’t coloring pages have style and emotion like this when I was a kid. Bravo Sir… Bravo indeed.

  4. Steve Leeper Says:

    These are great Cole! I love the ascension piece myself. Whatever those guys are smokin’ I want some. Have you thought of looking into Sunday school publishers like David C. Cook?

  5. colephillips Says:

    Thanks Steve! I appreciate the comments, and I’ll make sure I get some Longbottom Leaf (the finest pipeweed in the Southfarthing) out to ya.

    I’ve actually not heard of David C. Cook (which may just prove ignorance on my part), but I have had vague thoughts to that effect; never have I really done anything to pursue that, but I have frequently thought it would be both good and fun. Now that someone else has actually shared a similar brainwave, I may just have to start looking at it more intentionally.

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