Drawing a Day 171: Dueling Banjo Pig

September 6, 2010

So I stumbled across this illustration blog called “Dueling Banjo Pigs.” You just draw a pig playing a banjo and email it to the people who run the blog, and they’ll post it.  Check ’em out; there’s some really good stuff.  Anyway, I decided to whip up a pig of my own, and here’s what I got:


3 Responses to “Drawing a Day 171: Dueling Banjo Pig”

  1. As always, a fine specimen of the disgusting and disturbing. Love the crazy eyes.

  2. Mike Says:

    Hey Cole,

    You have a great blog here (with fantastic art on it too!).

    Your line quality is really high and definitely catches the eye. Do you use Illustrator to do it?

    Banjo Pig was a lot of fun for me and it looks as though you really cut loose on this one as well. Keep at it and keep busy!


  3. colephillips Says:

    Jimi: Why thank you. I had actually thought I kept this one pretty tame…

    Mike: Thanks for the comment! I actually work pretty exclusively in Photoshop. For this particular piece, I scanned a rough pencil sketch and then ink/painted it in PS. And I agree, it was a super fun project.

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