A quick sketchy

September 30, 2010

It’s feels like it’s been too long since I’ve spent time drawing, and it’s been waaaay too long since I’ve posted.  So here’s a quick little doodle I did this evening while waiting for dinner to heat up:


another Gandalf pencil sketch

September 14, 2010

the quote actually has nothing to do with the Joker; it’s from one of my favorite author/philosophers Lewis Carroll.

these are the first draft pencil sketches I did of Gandalf for my upcoming Lord of the Rings themed project (it’s for myself rather than for profit, because, sadly, I don’t own the rights to the Lord of the Rings).  I liked sketch #11 the best, so I did a red-pencil rough of that one, just to play around with it.  I still need to tweak a few things, and make final decisions on background and posing and such, but for the most part, I think I have my final Gandalf character design.

An oldie: Disney Princesses

September 14, 2010

This is something I did a loooong while ago; my friend Burns hasn’t seen it, so I’m reposting it just for him.  Thanks for dinner, buddy!

I’ve been drawing various images of Gandalf today, trying to finalize a character design.  This is one that must’ve been done when my brain was no longer functioning.


September 10, 2010

I just started working on a new Lord of the Rings inspired project for myself, but, just to be a toolweed, I’m not gonna say what it is just yet.  Anyway, here’s a very quick, very early sketch of Denethor:

Drawing a Day #172

September 7, 2010

So I stumbled across this illustration blog called “Dueling Banjo Pigs.” You just draw a pig playing a banjo and email it to the people who run the blog, and they’ll post it.  Check ’em out; there’s some really good stuff.  Anyway, I decided to whip up a pig of my own, and here’s what I got: