Enora Gretal and Juno, Pirate Adventurers

August 6, 2010

My niece was only born a few weeks ago, so she’s not really going on any piratey adventures yet; but in about six years, this picture will be commonplace.


4 Responses to “Enora Gretal and Juno, Pirate Adventurers”

  1. Ethan Perkins Says:

    dude, this is really awesome.

    I don’t know if this “view in the future” of little babies is something you would consider doing or if it’s just an Enora/Juno only treat but I would love to see you create something for our little girl.

    Let me be clear, if this is something you (and Matt and Amy) wanna save only for Enora, that’s fine and I won’t be offended. But I’d be willing to pay you for a few full color drawings like this.

    Let me know. Again, I think these are perfect

    • colephillips Says:

      Thanks man! I appreciate your support. I’m definitely not exclusive to my family; I like to consider myself some sort of a professional artist (even though I’m technically not employed in the industry…yet…), and that means I’m allowed to sell my, uh, services to whom I please. Tell the truth, I’m planning to write some short comics of my Enora character, and it’d be pretty cool to add Ryleigh (spelled right?) as a secondary character.
      Right now I’ve got three pending Enora illustrations to do that will take some time, but definitely email me if you and Brandy come up with some ideas of what you’d like; we can work out payment and details and stuff like that. My email address is colephillipsart@gmail.com.
      Thanks again for your compliments. I’m always thrilled to know people like my work.

  2. Muffin Says:

    this illo is really good, cole! 🙂 nice depth and really good lines and design on the girl and dog. 🙂 I’d love to see a whole childrens book like this. 🙂

  3. colephillips Says:

    thanks muf! glad to know you like it! I too would love to see the children’s book; who knows? It may yet happen.

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