Drawing a Day #126

July 7, 2010


4 Responses to “Drawing a Day #126”

  1. I love this kitty. I really want to snuggle it. But I now see it is flicking its tail. Which may mean it wants to kill me.

    Could I possibly get a high rez of this? *.*

  2. colephillips Says:

    It doesn’t want to kill you, it’s just happy. I thought of you while I was drawing it. Because you love kitties. I was inspired by my brother’s cat, which was sleeping on top of the couch at the time, but I couldn’t recall her color pattern exactly, so I just made her grey instead.

  3. doug Says:

    love this piece. it is so friendly and really like the linework. Nice… really nice.

  4. colephillips Says:

    thanks doug! I’m really having a lot of fun with these simple, quick drawings

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