Baby Niece Illustration Thumbnails

July 6, 2010

I whipped up some thumbnails for the final pieces, of which there are three.  In piece A, she’s reading a book to a manatee; in piece B, she’s wearing a lion costume and roaring at a dandelion or a butterfly; in piece C, she’s playing in a jug band with forest critters.  I can’t wait to get workin’ on the finals!


2 Responses to “Baby Niece Illustration Thumbnails”

  1. bryan b Says:

    these rock. you should be doing more comics boy.

  2. colephillips Says:

    thanks! And yes, I should–I just never remember to actually draw them. I haven’t come up with any stories about my niece yet, but I definitely want to. I’m developing a story right now for a short Sherlock and Harker graphic novella. I’ve almost got the full story written, and then I’ll start a first draft script.

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