1st Pass “Hope” illustration for church

June 2, 2010

The first pass of an new illustration for my church’s upcoming sermon series on hope:


3 Responses to “1st Pass “Hope” illustration for church”

  1. bryan b Says:

    I like where this is going! Right now though, your colors aren’t harmonizing. You might try putting a layer of solid color over the top of everything and then turning the layer style to “color” and then adjusting the opacity. That might bring all the colors together. Also, it looks really smooth and computery right now. I’d think about adding some textures.

  2. Josh Addessi Says:

    Mmm, I don’t think the gradient glow you’re trying to pull off is working too well. The phoenix itself is beautifully drawn and is looking really really cool-I love it. I like what B was suggesting, try some textured backgrounds, keep em darkish to make your firebird pop, but yeah if there’s one thing I’ve come respect over the past year, it’s backgrounds 😛 It’s tough to try and put any thought into the backgrounds sometimes, but it really does help the entire piece when you take the time to work it

    …Also, maybe play around with the layout a bit, try putting the phoenix more center frame, and more creatively integrate the text into the center (it seems a bit out of place right now) I dunno it might be cool to have the text rising from the ashes too-i dunno. There’s some of my 2 cents 😛

  3. Josh Addessi Says:

    And when I say the glow isn’t working, I think I’d want you to be more intentional with it rather than this same steady width glow all the way around…if that makes sense. Little special effects like that are tricky because I feel there’s a fine line between pulling it off and going overboard. So there’s some clarity on that part. It’s looking good! Godspeed.

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