May 2, 2010

My niece, in like six years….


6 Responses to “Rawr!!!”

  1. Josh Addessi Says:

    Very cool my friend. I see the makings of a female version of where the wild things are :P…Thing I like the most about this one is the colors, it’s workin.

  2. I love the pose and expression on this. Such a great concept, too. If you have anything to do with it, your niece will indeed turn out like this.

    I fully appreciate that you want your niece to be crazy, and I want my nephew to be a sensitive artsy guy. Maybe we can betroth them to one another. It’ll be perfect.

  3. kelly lacy Says:

    Epic in small proportions.

  4. colephillips Says:

    Josh: Awesome! I was kinda wonderin’ if the colors were right, so I’m glad they’re working. And any correlation of my work to Maurice Sendak is always well accepted. 🙂

    Jimi: Ha! Somehow I think that might be frowned upon by their parents…

    Kelly: why thank you.

  5. Josh Addessi Says:

    Ha, yeah they’re working…I always enjoy your bold color choices. it definitely shows confidence to pull off such saturated color schemes. I’m a fan of drab colors (if you couldn’t tell) But I like your sharp colors, way cool bro.

  6. Matt Crouch Says:

    Nice! Thats my baby girl!

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