Illustration Friday: “Ahead”

April 30, 2010


6 Responses to “Illustration Friday: “Ahead””

  1. Emily Says:

    Great perspective!

  2. Erick Says:

    Very nice! I did the Tortoise and the Hare too.

  3. The colour really helps convey the turtle-ness of the turtle! Awesome sauce. I am loving the expressions you have been doing recently. They feel very Mette-esque.

  4. colephillips Says:

    Emily and Erick: thanks! I can’t wait to be doin’ more illustration friday stuff

    Jimi: I thought the color would help. Glad that it did. And, yes, definitely some Mette influence going on…but’s it’s so darn fun

  5. Muffin Says:

    the rabbit is great! 😀 I love the face and expression, he’s diggin beating that turtle. ;P Glad to be of influence! Definitely some Cole-style going here mainly, though! I like. 🙂

  6. colephillips Says:

    Thanks Mette! Yeah, the rabbit is totally rockin’ this race. And, y’know, I think he just might win this time. 🙂

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