evening doodle

April 8, 2010


2 Responses to “evening doodle”

  1. I really like how your doodles can feel so introspective. This little doodles really struck a chord for me.

  2. colephillips Says:

    Thanks. Ever since Tim Timmerman talked in class, I’ve been trying to be pretty intentional about doing some introspective pieces, as you say. I’ve always been keen on the idea, but just wasn’t really sure how to go about it–it was until Timmerman that I realized I can create a marriage between my monster doodles and my need to express myself and my thoughts, particularly about faith and spirituality and sorrow.

    I did this tonight after community group, in which we’ve been talking quite a bit about inspecting our own hearts.

    Glad you like it. I wanna develop it a bit further; maybe make a full/final illustration out of it.

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