Book Review: “The Map: The Way of All Great Men,” by David Murrow

March 14, 2010

So I decided to join this online blog thing, where I get a free book if I write a review on it afterward.  This was my first one.


When I first got The Map, it was because it’s a book on biblical manhood; I found that exciting.  Godly manhood is a topic that has been particularly interesting to me for the last three or four years, and so it just made sense try this one out for some new thoughts.

Then I noticed that the first half of it is written fiction style.  Excitement gone; apprehension instead.  Christian fiction is one of those things that really has just never been done well, and Murrow definitely falls into that category too.  His actual writing style is good enough, and he knows how to use words well, but his story-writing abilities leave much to be desired—the story felt like a cheap mockup of The DaVinci Code, and was hardly engaging or believable.  The point being:  David Murrow, you’re not a fiction writer; please don’t do it again.

That being said, even when reading the first half of the book, I couldn’t help but notice that the underlying thoughts behind his story (and the general purpose of the book) were really intriguing.  In the latter half of The Map, Murrow raises some very good questions about what manhood can/should look like in the church, and how true manhood is actually achieved.  He also does a relatively good job of answering the questions that he thinks most vital, while leaving many open ended, for the reader to determine for himself.

Overall, I think The Map is a book I’ll be glad to have on my bookshelf, though I’ll never read the first half again.  For anyone who takes an interest in Godly manhood (and especially for those who are in pursuit of manhood), this book is worthy of a read, but I probably wouldn’t pay more than ten dollars for it.


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