Christmas Break Doodles

December 28, 2009


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Christmas Present Pictures

December 28, 2009

I always have a hard time decided what to get people for Christmas.  Sometimes, my best bet is the make them a picture.  These are the ones I did this year.

for Dad

for my brother Ryan

for my little sister Kristi

for my older sister Amy and her husband Matt and Juno, their big head bulldog.

church message series piece

December 28, 2009

The new series at is going to be called “Life in the Balance.”  It is going to focus on the call to believers to forfeit their need (rather, their desire, or perhaps felt-need) to be in control, to be in security, and a generally easy life.  We say we want God to use us, and that we trust Him to be in control in that, but as soon as the Spirit asks us to release our death grip on the balance beam, and actually walk across it in radical, prodigal faith, we let out a hearty “Hell no!” and hold on for dear life, preferring the illusion that we are somehow in control.  This is the drawing I did for the series:

pizza parlor sketches

December 23, 2009

Joker, color revisited

December 3, 2009


December 1, 2009