The transformation of a selkie

September 19, 2009



A selkie is a mythological creature similar to a mermaid, the key noticeable difference being this:  whereas a mermaid permanently has half the body of a human and half the body of a fish, a selkie is always either fully in the state of a human, or fully in the state of a seal.  The image above depicts a selkie in the process of transforming from her human state to her seal state.


5 Responses to “The transformation of a selkie”

  1. Josh Addessi Says:

    One of your best works dude…very very nice! I could look at this for hours, and not for the reason you think.

  2. colephillips Says:

    Ha, I’m sure you could. Probably get it tattooed onto my obliques. Then you could look at her and me for hours.

  3. Josh Addessi Says:

    Best of both worlds!

  4. Jesse Says:

    She’s nekked…

  5. laradunning Says:

    Fantasic drawing! For the past two years Selkie’s have been my life as I’ve typed away at my keyboard writing my first book. Will be posting regular updates to my blog, would love to hear what you think seeing as you have an interest in Selkie’s as well. Cheers!

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