Bad Princess Days

August 19, 2009


This came out of a brain storming session with Josh; I cannot take all the credit for the names, but I think they are pretty awesome (in an immature schoolboy sort of way).  From left to right they are:  Sho’ White (also called Slow Shites), Princess Assmin, Princess Hairiel, Sleeping Buddy, and Misterella.  This is dedicated to my good pal Jimi, because I know stuff like this turns her on.


4 Responses to “Bad Princess Days”

  1. Jimi Bonogofsky Says:

    Bless you for the dedication. Yes, you don’t know how this makes me feel. So… special.

    It is pretty sweet, though, in a supremely disturbing kind of way. Great job on the expressions.

  2. colephillips Says:

    i think i might try to convince the guys to a do a duplicate photo shoot

  3. Bryan B. Says:

    Now that, with the names, needs to be on a giant bumper sticker.

  4. colephillips Says:

    like one of those running wild horses or american flag types that take up the whole rear windshield? …you may be onto something…

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