“Tortilla Gorilla”

July 23, 2009


This drawing is a result of an epiphany I had that the words “Tortilla” and “Gorilla” are spelled almost identically, and therefore could potentially be fun to play around with.  Indeed they were.  Thus was borne Tortilla Gorilla.  Needless to say (so why am I saying it?), there are a few things wrong about this drawing, namely the general lack of blending, the fact that gorillas actually have very sharp teeth, and also the fact they are not native to Mexico.  Tortilla is an import (since he is of a species inferior to Man, I cannot qualify him as an “immigrant.”  He is more akin to a manufactured product such as a toy or a beer than he is to mankind).


9 Responses to ““Tortilla Gorilla””

  1. Josh Addessi Says:

    Who knew that the missing link between man and ape was a maraca shaking mexican primate.

  2. colephillips Says:

    did you not read the text? have you not heard? he is not Mexican. He is an import. From the jungle. You remember the book “Congo,” about the psychotic maniacal killer gorillas? He’s the one that got rejected.

  3. Bryan B. Says:

    I dig him muchly. Maybe adjust the colors so that some of them are a little light so you get some more contrast…?

  4. colephillips Says:

    perhaps indeed. you mean so that they’re not so raw/”paint-right-out-of-the-tube”ish?

  5. Jimi Bonogofsky Says:

    This terrifies me.

  6. Justin W Says:

    I like saying “Torteeya Goreeya”

  7. Matt Cable Says:

    I loooove this. I miss you.

  8. colephillips Says:

    To Justin: agreed.
    To Matt: reciprocated.
    To Jimi: how does this terrify you? compared to much that you draw, Tortilla Gorilla is a mild mannered monkey.

  9. So thankful you created this beauty. It’s the echinoderm’s perm.

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