Star Trek sketches

May 24, 2009

so I know I’m probably a jackweed to some real Trekkies out there for doing Picard instead of Kirk, but you know what:  I just think Patrick Stewart looks pretty dang sweet.  And how can you go wrong with Lavar Burton?  Seriously.  “Star Trek” was the theme for drawer geeks this past few weeks, so these are  a few sketches I did.  Nothing amazing, cause I really couldn’t care less about Star Trek, but I was bored and needed something to do.  My favorite is Spock.  Of course.



2 Responses to “Star Trek sketches”

  1. bryan b. Says:

    Those are some great caricatures! I wish I had some albums by Lavar Burton.

  2. colephillips Says:

    Does he have albums??

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