some sketches

April 30, 2009

“The Fear of Moving”



grandfatherclock“I am afraid of the passage of time.  Afraid that the more time goes on,

the less likely I am to ever have what I want.  I am afraid that as time goes on,

I will fade quietly into complacency or even apathy.

I am afraid of losing or wasting my youth.

I am afraid that I am not ready for the manhood that has come.

Mostly, I am afraid of what is yet to come because it is unknown and uncertain.”


#9 rising heart

April 19, 2009

This is #9 in my series of 9, but I still have two to produce before I’m done.  Be on the lookout for them soon!


The Bleeding Heart

April 17, 2009

This is a sketch of an image I’ve had in my head for several days now:  the bleeding heart nailed to a tree.  It is an image that is borne of great sadness and pain of the soul.


This is #8.  There will be no explanation of it until they are all done and can be showcased as one unit.



I was at the coffee shop last night, thinking and reading, and a line entered my head from Fievel Goes West:  “One man’s sunset is another man’s dawn.”  So I sketched this out really quick whilst the idea was still in my head.

chapel doodles

April 2, 2009

birdYou think he’s watching a movie.  But he’s not.  He’s watching you.


(it only gets better from here, so click away!)

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#2 and #7

April 2, 2009




This is the first draft of a picture called “Infancy,” which is #1 in a series of drawings that will tell the story of my life as it has come to be thus far.  The plan is for the series to ultimately be nine 5″x5″ pictures composed of various traditional and digital media, including pen & ink, charcoal, paint, digital ink & paint, perhaps cut paper or digital cut paper, and whatever else might come to my head while I’m designing the pieces.