sketches from the last 20 days

March 23, 2009

It’s been a lot longer than I thought since I posted.  Here’s some stuff straight out of the sketchbook from the last 20 days or so.


gethsemeneThis is called “Gethsemene.”  I was reading a book about prayer and it mentioned Christ’s struggle to submit his will to the Father’s at Gethsemene.


girlThis is a trial sketch of an idea I’ve had lately to do a series on faces.

(click the link to see some more sketches)

abstractThis is also a trial sketch, of an abstract expression of brokenness.


beautifulA second trial in the series of faces.  It is called “Beautiful.”


christThis untitled sketch depicts lightness and darkness, love and hate, cleanliness and bloodiness, tranquility and fear.


lonelynightsThis is called “Lonely Nights.”  It is an experiment with line and texture.


rainynightThis is “Rainy Night.”  Also an experiment with line and texture.


2 Responses to “sketches from the last 20 days”

  1. bryan b. Says:

    The sketches, they keep getting better and better. This whole batch is faboo, from start to finish.

  2. colephillips Says:

    Hey thanks man. I feel a particular fondness for them, I think because at this point in time, they are really how I’ve managed to express myself lately. Meaning, these are the pieces that what I feel in a moment. I’m really stoked about your inspirational design class. It’s gonna be pretty kick-a

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