It’s been a lot longer than I thought since I posted.  Here’s some stuff straight out of the sketchbook from the last 20 days or so.


gethsemeneThis is called “Gethsemene.”  I was reading a book about prayer and it mentioned Christ’s struggle to submit his will to the Father’s at Gethsemene.


girlThis is a trial sketch of an idea I’ve had lately to do a series on faces.

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sketchbook doodlies

March 3, 2009

This is Frank.  I drew him in chapel this morning.


then I colored him after chapel.



and this is another Dracula sketch I did, also during chapel.


newspaper doodles

March 3, 2009

these are a couple illustrations I did last night for the school paper; one, for an article about the smoking ban that just passed in Indiana, and the other for an article about how eating healthy can help keep your brain healthy or some crap like that.




comic layout

March 2, 2009

I read about an activity in which one takes a few paragraphs out of a book and tries to condense them into a page or two in comic book form.  Thought I’d give it a try, and what better book to use than Dracula?  I flipped through it until I found the part where Jonathan Harker first arrives at Castle Dracula, and began to draw away.  This is the first page I came up with; the second is a full-page panel of Harker being overpowered by the castle, but I haven’t got it finished yet.


What’s going on:  

Panel 1 is just an establishing shot, showing the carriage approaching the castle, and giving a general idea of what kind of environment the castle is in.

Panel 2:  the carriage has arrived at the castle and is parked in the large courtyard

                   CAPTION:  “I must have fallen asleep.  I didn’t notice I’d arrived.”  (I imagine the text in a handwritten/journal entry font)

Panel 3:  same shot; the carriage driver, a big man with a brown beard and big hat helps Harker out of the carriage.

                 CAPTION:  “The driver offers me a hand.”

                 CAPTION:  “Again, I could not but notice his prodigious strength.”

Panels 4-8:  Harker has picked up his bags, and is gazing awestruck at something behind the viewer, and up.  In the background, the carriage driver remounts the carriage and drives away, leaving Harker alone.  Very slowly, Harker begins walking toward camera, never taking his eyes of what has captured his attention.  The closer he gets to the viewer, the clearer the fear and awe in his face becomes.