“One Child Left Behind” album cover

December 2, 2008



This is the cover I designed for the Treblemakers’ debut album, One Child Left Behind, which I believe is to be released at their Christmas concert tomorrow night (I could be wrong).  Anyway, ’twas my first real commission.  YAY!!!


4 Responses to ““One Child Left Behind” album cover”

  1. Jimi Bonogofsky Says:

    I am so miffed at myself! I was going to go to their show tonight and get a CD but I *completely* forgot!

    Love the cover, btw. The line art is really nice and clean, a good look. And your little guy looks like he needs a big hug!

  2. colephillips Says:

    Thanks. It was rather fun to draw. I’m real happy about the text, and I’d like to go back and do some work on the street. I’m glad he looks like he needs a hug….that’s what I was going for, so I guess it worked. 🙂

  3. Bryan B. Says:

    Nicely done! Poor little fellow.

  4. colephillips Says:

    correction to my last statement: I meant to say I’m NOT real happy abut the text

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