Guy Fawkes and a quick doodle

October 30, 2008

For the past two nights, I’ve been working on creating a semi-accurate replica of the Guy Fawkes mask in V for Vendetta out of paper mache.  These are just a couple pictures I took to mark my progress.  I first sculpted the mold out of ordinary, run of the mill modeling clay:

The next step, as is obviously seen in the next picture, was the apply several layers of paper mache, made with a mix of water and carpenters’ glue:




And this (below) is just a quick doodle I did in class tonight of Pablo the bird.  He’s a bit strange, perhpas even psychotic, and he’s apparently madly in love with this bird feeder.  More to come on Pablo.


3 Responses to “Guy Fawkes and a quick doodle”

  1. I really like this style that you’re working with for your guys’ animation studio project! Its real cool! His expression is pretty much priceless.

  2. Ernesto Says:

    Hi! I also make masks this way, I wonder, what method do you use to prevent the paper sticking to the clay when it dries?
    I used vaseline, but it stayed with the paper once it dries, and can’t get it out now.
    Thanks! great work!

    • colephillips Says:

      Thanks for the comment! hope you enjoy the blog. Unfortunately, I’m probably not the best person to help you out; this particular mask is actually the only one I’ve made, and vaseline worked out pretty well for me.

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