mermaid #2

October 18, 2008

I was so excited about my mermaid from yesterday (and seeing Jimi’s new post, in full living color), that I just had to paint her.  This was a pretty big step for me, because, as previously stated, I’m simply not experienced at digital painting.  I did this in Photoshop Elements 3 (sadly, I am a college student and cannot afford the real deal right now.  And I’m no crook.), using the newly discovered (well, for me at least) wet media brush tool.  I’m not a big fan of how her left hand turned out, and I don’t like how busy the right side of the rock is, but overall, I’m pretty satisfied, what with this being pretty much my first non-drawergeeks (er go, non rushed) digital painting.  It took me the better part of out of class time today, and I’m pretty stoked to keep experimenting with digital painting.

That’s all, folks.


2 Responses to “mermaid #2”

  1. Jimi Bonogofsky Says:

    I actually like the rock. A cool brush effect, too. And the pose is really nice! I’m pretty impressed you did this in elements. You’ll have to show me where the brush is o.O

    And also. Like the new look of the site!

  2. Bryan B. Says:

    Agreed, the new site look rocks. And I like the painting too. You know, you can get Painter (which rocks) for only ten bucks from the IT dept. They have a deal with Corel.

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