Sunday afternoons of 1st Pass Lighting

October 12, 2008


This is the 1st Pass lighting of my Willy’s Castle scene.  There’s still quite a bit that’s not finalized, like the matte painting in the background, and some of the textures, and the lighting itself.  But for now, this provides a pretty good idea of how things are working out, how textures are reading with lights, etc.  To see exactly what I did for the lighting step by step, just keep on reading (and click the link below)!


First, I knew I wanted a night scene, so I threw in a soft blue directional light, and toned down the intensity to half, and this is what I got.   

The next thing I did was to turn off the effect of the blue light on the matte painting, and throw a directional light into the scene, in order to light the painting up.


In order to restore the blue light to the castle and grass, and I linked the new directional light only to the matte painting (meaning that the painting would be lit by this light, and nothing else would).

Next, I wanted to add some rim lighting to bring the castle a bit more into the foreground, so I threw a couple of spot lights behind the castle, colored them a light, soft yellow, and dulled the intensity of each to a little less than half.


Again, I had to restore the blue lighting to the grass, so I once again opened the light linking window, and turned off the spotlights’ effect on the grass, as well as on the inside of the room in the castle.

Now, that the scene itself was lit in a nice, nightly fashion, the rim light of the castle popped it out the background, I wanted to light up the inside of the castle.  I put a small point light at the top of the room, approximately where a lightbulb might hang, and toned the intensity down to about half.  I colored it a light orange, because I wanted the warm, homey feel that an incandescent light produces.

The last step was to put in shadows, to add depth and a bit of realism.  I used raytracing for these particular shadows, and after dinking a little bit, I added a second blue directional light to the scene, to provide some substance to both sides of the frame.

And that’s that.


One Response to “Sunday afternoons of 1st Pass Lighting”

  1. breadwig Says:

    Dude, those shingles are boss city! This is looking really great my friend.

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