New Drawer Geeks, and some photos

October 11, 2008

The drawer-geeks jr. assignment was Mother Goose, and I happened to find a rhyme that used the word Gotham (thanks google!).  I couldn’t resist incorporating Batman into Mother Goose, so this is what I came up with.

I drew it in Painter X, using the pen tool and I think the Real Bristle brush (I don’t remember for sure).  I’m not particularly fond of the way the sea-foam turned out.  I wrestled with various tools and settings, but I’m still a noob at digital painting, and thus, never really did get it how I envisioned it.  Oh well.


Fall break has started, and it was such a beautiful day outside today.  I decided to grab my camera, and try my luck at photography (an art form I’m not particularly familiar with).  I had a lot of crappy shots, but these are a few of my favorites.  Hopefully I’ll get better at picture taking if I can just manage to keep it up every now and then.  Anyway, onward to the pictures!!

I saw this apple on the way to the woods, and couldn’t resist a few shots.  You may also notice my friend Mr. Bee in the upper right hand corner.  He scared me.

I really like the vibrant, saturated colors in these, and I especially like the effect of the water in the last one.  Sigh…if only recreating such things in Maya was not like a trip to hell and back….


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