a story of grace

October 9, 2008

A couple nights ago I was drinking root beer and reading, and I came across perhaps one of the most beautiful stories ever grace ever told.  I wished deep in my soul that I could have been there to watch this story unfold, and I realized even though I wasn’t there for the actual event, I can illustrate it in my own in way, and thus began work on a short, two page comic.  Here’s the early layouts of the comic.  I’ll kind of explain what’s going on after each page, ’cause there’s not yet any dialogue in them.

You can’t tell, but I actually drew these with a red pencil…..anyway, it opens with a wide shot to establish the scene, which is a courtyard of sorts.  There’s a man in the courtyard, a bunch of guys come up to him holding this girl and say something to the effect of, “We caught this woman in the act of adultery; law requires us to kill her.  What do you say we should do?”  (They ask him this because he is a relatively prominent figure in town, at least among common people, and he has this habit of typically being kinda radical).  Rather than answer their question, the man stoops down and begins to draw in the dirt.  Impatient, the leader of the crowd says, “WELL?”  The man looks up and says sternly, “Let whichever of you has never made a mistake in his life be the one to kill her.”

now for page 2

This page starts again with a wide shot, showing the man still drawing in the dirt, and the humiliated woman laying on the ground covering her mostly naked body as best as she can, and the accusers still standing in the right of the shot.  In panel two, the men, who each understand that they too have made mistakes in their own lives, begin to slowly disperse.  In panel three, all the men have left, leaving the man and the adulterous woman alone.  The man stands up and approaches the woman, saying, “None of them condemned you to death?”  She looks up, tears of both gratitude and shame pouring out her eyes, and responds, “None, sir.”  The man lifts the woman off her knees and says, “And I too do not condemn you.  Now go, and leave behind you the mistakes you have made.”

These are early layouts and there still things that need to be corrected, but that’s kinda the point of early layouts.  Anyway, I’m finding that comics is a lot of fun…


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