Chapel doodles

September 30, 2008

These are a couple doodles I’ve done during chapel this semester.  I finally got around to scanning them, so…here they are.  Enjoy.


This is a relatively incongruous comic I made.  It’s pretty bad quality, and it doesn’t make any sense, really, but that’s okay because that’s what I was going for.  The images themselves tell a snippet of a story about Superman, and the words are lyrics from one of my favorite Flogging Molly songs.

These are just some silly characters I made.  The cowboy doesn’t have a name yet; but I think the word “Dirty” needs to be used in it somehow.  Dirty Jake, maybe.  The other guy is Ratman, the world’s most pointless and unsuccessful superhero.


I’m also supposed to start doing a comic strip for the school paper.  Once that gets going, I’ll be gettin’ those up here too.


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