Pipeweed Pete

September 5, 2008

Name:  Pipeweed Pete

Favorite Food:  corn on the cob

Favorite Hobby:  smoking his pipe, and yelling at children

Where he lives:  Pipeweed Pete has a farm a few miles outside town, where he grows all of his corn on the cob and pipe tobacco (of varying flavors).  However, he can often be seen riding toward the wilderness, not to return for weeks at a time.  It is not known exactly what Pipeweed Pete does on these expeditions, but some believe he is prospecting for gold.

Favorite Sound:  the gentle plucking of a banjo about dusk time

Strongest Personality Trait:  he’s grouchy

Backstory:  Not much is known about Pipeweed’s early life.  As far as anyone can remember, he just kind of showed up one day.  His temper is as fiery as his beard, and he is known throughout town for his uncanny ability to disagree with anything anyone says.  As a result of his temperamental disposition, he doesn’t get many visitors to his farm, and even if he did, he probably would not be there to host them, as he makes frequent trips into the wilderness.  Generally, Pipeweed only goes into town when he needs something that is not corn or tobacco…so not often.


One Response to “Pipeweed Pete”

  1. Bryan B. Says:

    I believe Pipewood Pete is scouring the woods for smaller critters that he trains for his native animal circus.

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