Jason Kidd

September 5, 2008

Name:  Jason Kidd

Job:  Student, and McDonald’s Fry Cook

Favorite Outfit:  Because Jason is a cartoon, he only wears one outfit…his work uniform.

Where he lives:  Unlike most cartoons, Jason lives in the real world.  He walks and talks amongst real people, and his roommate at school is a real person.  He attends Huntington University as a Digital Media Arts major.

Greatest Fear:  Erasers.  Jason doesn’t know if he would be duplicable if any part of him were to be erased, and he doesn’t want to find out.

Favorite Food:  anything not from the McDonald’s…or the DC.

Backstory:  Jason Kidd is certainly an interesting medical case.  He was born a cartoon.  Both of his parents are real people, and it is not known what exactly made Jason as he is.  For all intents and purposes, he is the same as a real person, except that some laws of physics don’t have any affect on him (for instance, if a bowling ball was dropped on his head, it would not hurt him.)  He grew up in a good home with encouraging parents somewhere in the Midwest, and is an only child.  Some think that after having Jason, his parents were somewhat afraid to have more children.  Despite his encouraging upbringing, there are obvious mental and emotional difficulties that come with being a cartoon in the real world, so Jason has weekly appointments with a local psychiatrist.


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