Dublin sketches

September 30, 2008

These are a few sketches I’ve made of a Boston terrier named Dublin, and his friends.  I’m considering using them in my upcoming newspaper comic.  Speaking of comics, be on the lookout later this semester for my very first 24-hour comic!

Anyway, here’s Dublin:

If you think that’s cute, check this out:



This is a sketch of Dublin’s friend.  He’s a Bloodhound, and his name’s Dump.  I’m sure he has many stylistic changes yet to experience, but this is just what I whipped up in a few seconds yesterday.


Chapel doodles

September 30, 2008

These are a couple doodles I’ve done during chapel this semester.  I finally got around to scanning them, so…here they are.  Enjoy.


This is a relatively incongruous comic I made.  It’s pretty bad quality, and it doesn’t make any sense, really, but that’s okay because that’s what I was going for.  The images themselves tell a snippet of a story about Superman, and the words are lyrics from one of my favorite Flogging Molly songs.

These are just some silly characters I made.  The cowboy doesn’t have a name yet; but I think the word “Dirty” needs to be used in it somehow.  Dirty Jake, maybe.  The other guy is Ratman, the world’s most pointless and unsuccessful superhero.


I’m also supposed to start doing a comic strip for the school paper.  Once that gets going, I’ll be gettin’ those up here too.


September 20, 2008

Name:  Murphy

Favorite Food:  Murphy doesn’t eat

Height/Weight:  4 in. / 3 oz. 

Material:  Wood, glue, and acrylic paint

Greatest Fear:  being alone

Greatest Strength:  he is faithful through pain and through misunderstanding

Favorite Hobby:  playing his violin

Backstory:  Murphy is a small wooden toy, a creation of a very old toy maker.  After making Murphy, the toy maker breathed the breath of life into him, and Murphy suddenly found himself alive.  Presently, Murphy lives with the toy maker, in a small dark apartment, and mostly interacts with other toys the toy maker has made, as well as with the toy maker himself.

Frowno the Clowno

September 9, 2008

Name:  Frowno the Clowno

Favorite Food:  Cheesedogs

Favorite Hobby:  moping around

Where he lives:  in the Clown-Car

Greatest Fear:  laughing children

Strongest Personality Trait:  perpetually sad

Backstory:  Ever since he can remember, Frowno has been deathly afraid of the sound of laughing.  As a result, school was a traumatizing experience for Frowno–being locked up for eight hours with a bunch of other clowns.  Along with being constantly sad, Frowno is also constantly fearful and paranoid.  Frowno lives by himself in his Clown-Car, which, though not impressive on the outside, conceals a great palace of a home inside.  As he is the only clown in town, Frowno is hired for carnivals and birthdays and the like…all of which scare Frowno tremendously, but not as much as saying “no” to a potential client.

Jason Kidd

September 5, 2008

Name:  Jason Kidd

Job:  Student, and McDonald’s Fry Cook

Favorite Outfit:  Because Jason is a cartoon, he only wears one outfit…his work uniform.

Where he lives:  Unlike most cartoons, Jason lives in the real world.  He walks and talks amongst real people, and his roommate at school is a real person.  He attends Huntington University as a Digital Media Arts major.

Greatest Fear:  Erasers.  Jason doesn’t know if he would be duplicable if any part of him were to be erased, and he doesn’t want to find out.

Favorite Food:  anything not from the McDonald’s…or the DC.

Backstory:  Jason Kidd is certainly an interesting medical case.  He was born a cartoon.  Both of his parents are real people, and it is not known what exactly made Jason as he is.  For all intents and purposes, he is the same as a real person, except that some laws of physics don’t have any affect on him (for instance, if a bowling ball was dropped on his head, it would not hurt him.)  He grew up in a good home with encouraging parents somewhere in the Midwest, and is an only child.  Some think that after having Jason, his parents were somewhat afraid to have more children.  Despite his encouraging upbringing, there are obvious mental and emotional difficulties that come with being a cartoon in the real world, so Jason has weekly appointments with a local psychiatrist.

Bartholomew Roberts (left) and Captain Morgan (right) are two characters I designed while working at the KOA Kampground, at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.  I’m considering using them in a short film for my senior project.  This is obviously a rough draft, but hopefully there will be more to come on these fine fellows in the future.

Pipeweed Pete

September 5, 2008

Name:  Pipeweed Pete

Favorite Food:  corn on the cob

Favorite Hobby:  smoking his pipe, and yelling at children

Where he lives:  Pipeweed Pete has a farm a few miles outside town, where he grows all of his corn on the cob and pipe tobacco (of varying flavors).  However, he can often be seen riding toward the wilderness, not to return for weeks at a time.  It is not known exactly what Pipeweed Pete does on these expeditions, but some believe he is prospecting for gold.

Favorite Sound:  the gentle plucking of a banjo about dusk time

Strongest Personality Trait:  he’s grouchy

Backstory:  Not much is known about Pipeweed’s early life.  As far as anyone can remember, he just kind of showed up one day.  His temper is as fiery as his beard, and he is known throughout town for his uncanny ability to disagree with anything anyone says.  As a result of his temperamental disposition, he doesn’t get many visitors to his farm, and even if he did, he probably would not be there to host them, as he makes frequent trips into the wilderness.  Generally, Pipeweed only goes into town when he needs something that is not corn or tobacco…so not often.